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Spirit of The Aryan: 13 – Obliterate Your Mind to Allow Your Conscious to Shine

Spirit of The Aryan: 13
Obliterate Your Mind To Allow your Aryan Spirit To Shine

William de Hewitt goes over a few articles concerning South Africa and antisemitism at American Juniversities. He then talks about why one would want to annihilate their mind/ego/psyche, which in turn will liberate their Aryan Spirit and eternal consciousness.

No Separation, No Peace 17 - Haven't You Heard? There's a Black Femicide Happening In South Africa, Goys... Not a Boer and Aryan Genocide

No Separation, No Peace 17
Haven't You Heard?
There's a Black Femicide Happening In South Africa, Goys... Not a Boer and Aryan Genocide

William de Hewitt let's it rip as he explains how afrikaner jews and niggroids classically play the victim and downplay the real Boer and Aryan Genocide in South Africa. Silicon Trees, mountains, mining, the gods and other BIG jew lies are discussed, which is important because learning about these jew lies could lead our Folk in the direction of an Aryan Racial Awakening that our enemies are terrified will one day happen.

A War of the Flea In South Africa?

A War of the Flea In South Africa? by William de Hewitt I TOO HAVE A DREAM... It is to live in an exclusively all White, Boer Nation where my Folk and I can live peacefully as healthful Aryans without parasite jews jewing and without their niggroid and mixed race proxy armies attacking my Folk and destroying our White Civilizations. As a White man, I long for a Nation without jew supremacism and terrorism, International Zionism, Communism, Capitalism and all other degenerate, anti-White jewish philosophy. I have a dream that all White Folk will live in harmony in a society where every White Man, Woman and Family will benefit from their own creativity and hard works along with reaping the benefits of the natural resources Mother Nature provides within the borders of our Nation! Today it seems unlikely my dream will come true as the governments and military-industrial infrastructures within all of our White nations are no longer our own. They have been slowly infiltrated and taken over by th…

Feel It... It's War (Part 1)

Feel It... It's War (Part 1) by William de Hewitt

Welcome to South Africa, where the niggroid and Afrikaner jew rule and the White Aryan Race is a powerless minority. How did we get to this point, Folks and are we really powerless? Unfortunately a lot of my Folk believe we are indeed powerless because we are caught in a genocide our enemies have been planning and implementing against us for centuries. I see their point, however, I see things a bit differently.

The Mandela's and Jew Slovo, pederast and child rapist

When I go into different towns around South Africa I do see niggroids everywhere. The towns are infested with these savages littering, shitting and pissing in the street. It is disgusting. I’ve learned if I need to go into town to shop that the best time to go is right before they close. After a long, hard day of doing nothing but destroying, the niggroids get tired and start to clear out and go home to their shacks in the township to party.

When I go into a shop on Sa…

Mike Sledge's The Laughwaffe Strike: Interview 1 w/ William de Hewitt

Welcome to The Strike, Folks! William de Hewitt and Mike Sledge are at it again!
This episode of The Laughwaffe Strike, I, William de Hewitt discussed the real History of South Africa starting from the founding of the Cape Colony, the Boer Republics, the Anglo-Boer Wars, the jew created apartheid era which was created in the Junited Kingdom, the jew giving the niggroid power in 1994 up to the current day genocide. William also discusses Aryan Spirituality and much more in hour two...

Sorry, I'm not sure how to embed BitChute videos. If anyone knows how to, please consider sharing your knowledge with me in the comments... ~deHewitt

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William was actually my (Mike Sledge) first guest on The Strike. I had technical issues with uploading. I was able to recover this episode from last week and release it now. Sorry for the Delay. This should actually be Episode 11. William currently lives in S. Africa and reports on…

Racist Anti-White jewess Says "All Whites are Racist Until Whiteness is Defunct"

Racist Anti-White jewess Says "All Whites are Racist Until Whiteness is Defunct" by William de Hewitt 
Hello Goyim,

I'm jewess Gillian Schutte. "I am the person who exposed Judge Mabel Jansen's racist utterances on social media. To be accurate, these utterances were openly and voluntarily expressed on my Facebook page in a public debate."

"Gillian do you believe I am even propositioned by my black colleagues who tell me that they will be in hotel x and expect me to report there at a specific time? I am shell-shocked. In their culture a woman is there to pleasure them. Period. It is seen as an absolute right and a woman's consent is not required. You may find this hard to accept and unpalatable as did I. I still have yet to meet a black girl who was not raped at about 12. I am dead serious." "It is only now that women realise that they have rights and have to be taken up seriously that we are being hit by the veritable tsunami of rape cases. B…